Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Staves List (Global version)

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Staves which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version.

You can use the list as your reference. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Gray colour indicates a limited-time weapon.
  • Atk/Int stats are derived from the weapon at level 20.
  • LB Factor Level is the limit break level at which the third factor is unlocked on the weapon (if applicable)
Rod of the Feather0492Crush Damage +20%

Damage Dealt to Machines +20%

Multi Target Damage +15%
5Gerel Coin ShopMillie (Skill)

Machine Bosses (Jie)

Transmute fodder
If healers did damage it would be okay, but they don't, so don't. For non-healers, almost any staff in the pool can beat it out. Transmute this garbage.
Winged Scepter0545INT +15%

Sunflare Damage +20%

Recover 10% HP every 3 seconds in Battle
3Staff Coin Shop

Miki (Skill)

Welch [4*] (Skill)

Works well on almost every staff user
Pretty much the best choice for general staff user use. The INT scaling stacks with other self-buffs, and regen is always appreciated.
Lightning Wand0840Lightning Damage Dealt +15%

Thunder Flare Damage +20%

n/aStaff Coin Shop


Myuria (Skill / Element)

Lightning weak bosses (Jie)
Great choice for Myuria for what she does - a whole lot of lightning damage. Winged competes for general use, but for Myuria on lightning bosses, this is a monster. It also does boost her regular DPS as well.
Holy Rod0835Light Damage Dealt +15%

Radiant Lancer Damage +20%

n/aStaff Coin Shop


Miki (Skill / Element)

Light weakness bosses (None)

No invoker can use this yet.
Suffers from similar problems to Rod of Feather. For healers, damage doesn't matter much, for non-healers, pick a better staff.
Nightmare Wand0530INT + 15%, DEF - 15%

Deep Freeze Damage +20%

n/aStaff Coin Shop


Myuria (Skill)

Ice weakness bosses (None)

Transmute fodder
Pick something better.
Lemurisian Wand0477INT +10%

Trinity Blaze Damage +100%

Critical Chance +10%
5Frost Tree Coin ShopLymle (Rush)

Pretty much just Lymle

Fodder unless you don't have any 5* staff
May as well be Lymle's BiS for her purposes. Gives her a monster rush on fire-weak bosses, and that's about it. For other bosses, consider another staff, if you use Lymle.
Aether-In-Statis0850Damage Dealt +15% when attack hits multiple enemies

Plasma Cyclone +20% Damage

Damage Dealt +10%
5GachaMyuria (Skill)

Don't pull for this (but it's okay)
Not recommended due to being Gacha only, available for weapon coins on JP. Fits quite well with Myurias kit, however it requires many resources to get to a point where it's as good as the Lightning Wand. Notable for multi-target damage, which doesn't have any real competitors to override it on GL, but is situational to maps.
Thunderbird Staff958962Lightning Damage Dealt +40%

Damage to Demons +20% & Damage to Humanoid +10%

AP Recovery Speed +30%, if not being targeted by an enemy
3GachaMyuria (Element)

Demon/Human bosses (Queen, Eyes, Michael)
Welcome to Myuria's almost unequivocal BiS, even in JP. A monster (later to be standard) 40% elemental damage, up from 15% where it was before on Lightning Rod. Extra racial talents, making it even better for the most recent bosses, as well as an upcoming one (who resists non-ice, so..) If you happen to MLB it, the AP recovery factor is very very nice. For any Myuria main, if you're not hurting on gems, at least do the guaranteed pull.
Blue Sapphire Staff531536Ice Elemental Damage +25%

INT +15%

-10% Damage Taken
5GachaMyuria (Off Element)Only unit this benefits right now is Myuria, off-element, which even then isn't worth it due to Lightning being better, and having access to her Gacha staff early on. The next staff user to have ice is Federation Reimi, and even then it's still off-element. There are no primary ice staff casters in-game, so this staff really falls short. For INT scaling, take Winged Scepter.
Infernal Sceptre956961Fire Damage +40%, Damage to Humans +20%

Stun +15%

70% chance to survive a lethal attack at 15% or more HP (70/15 guts)
5GachaSophia (Element)Sophia's staff. Excellent element scaling, though note that this doesn't stack with element buffers which are more plentiful now (pre-rush damage is still very powerful). If MLB'd, 70/15 guts isn't bad at all, and slight stun increase basically gives Sophia everything she'd want. BIS for fire content, which is mainly what she should be used for anyway.
Crowned Scepter487492Violent Explosion damage +10%

Stun +10%

Recover 2% HP every 5 seconds in Battle
5Luther's Descent (Event Shop)Sophia (Skill)

Transmutation Fodder
Event weapon fodder. Make a better weapon with the 5 copies.
Celite Rod488493+15% DMG to Conjure Comet

-10% Cast Time

-5% DMG Taken
5Coro Revorse (Exchange)Transmutation Fodder

Evelysse (Skill)
Eve's event weapon, which actually is invalidated by her GL buffs. Transmute.
Racket Staff957964+20% Light DMG Dealt

+20% DMG to Machines

+15% HP

Repel +1
5GachaGacha weapon released with Eve. Decent statline, loosely decent factors for a healer, but overall unnecessary. Damage factors on a healer mean nothing. May be usable on future light casters.
Ceremonial Spear489492+10% DMG to Tornado

+25% DMG to Avians

Repel +1
5Colossal Beak (Exchange)Transmutation FodderEven for an event weapon this sucks. Damage boost on a healer, racial passive, aggro-based talent. The only ceremony this should be involved in is transmutation.
Rod of Snakes487494+10% DMG to Silencing Starlight

-5% DMG Taken

+15% Light Element DMG
5Colossal Beak (Exchange)Transmutation FodderIf you really wanted to keep and use this for Celine, it would at least be okay. Boosts starlight and light, slight damage taken down. Still better as fodder.
Illuminated Staff958964+40% Light Element DMG

+10% Crit Chance

+15% Crit DMG

-10% ATK DMG Taken
5GachaLight based castersThis is a pretty decent staff for light element casters. There aren't many who use light as a main attacking element, but it works well for that. Crit chance/dmg and element boost, solid and standard.
Christmas Staff526533+20% DMG to Prismatic Rays

+10% DEF

Anti-Flinch Casting
5Christmas Horndevil (Exchange)

Transmutation FodderIt does have super armor on cast, so it's not the worst thing for healers. May be usable, but honestly there are better options.
Santa Bunny Rod958964+40% Light Element DMG

+20% DMG to Demons

80% Chance to Survive a Lethal Attack at 10% or more HP

Anti-Flinch Casting
5GachaLight based castersIt's a light caster rod. Decent as well, with guts, so it works on any caster in general. Not the worst thing you could use.

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