Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Bows List (Global version)

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Bows which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version.

You can use the list as your reference. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Gray colour indicates a limited-time weapon.
  • Atk/Int stats are derived from the weapon at level 20.
  • LB Factor Level is the limit break level at which the third factor is unlocked on the weapon (if applicable)
Artifact Bow5450ATK + 15%

Fire Damage Dealt +10%

Hitcount Timer +2 seconds
3Launch Coin Shop

Ronyx (Element)Very weird bow. Ronyx's element, but buffs ATK. Overall has terrible synergy, but it does scale with ATK for physical attackers, for what that's worth.
God's Bow8350Ice Damage Dealt +15%

Heavenly Flight Damage +20%

n/aBow Coin Shop


Amina [4*] (Element)

SMiki (Skill)

Ice weakness bosses (None)
Only bow in the transmute pool. It's okay, because it's all we have. GL buffed stats, everything else on it is useless.
Reformed SRF Arrow4770Imbues Attacks with Wind Element

Rapacious Sparrows Damage +20%

Additional Hit that Deals 5% of Damage Dealt on Normal Attacks
5Jie Revorse Coin ShopReimi (Skill)

Bosses weak to wind

Keep overall
It's free, it has element imbue. Why not? Reimi's bow, but good for general use and also gives a bit more damage on normal attacks.
Crowned Bow532528Howling Wind +20% Damage

Recover 3% HP every 5 seconds

Critical Damage +20%, when attacking from behind
5Everlasting Summer Part 1 ShopSMiki (Rush)

Most likely fodder unless you don't want to transmute a bow
Average. Its synergies aren't great - rush damage is okay for SMiki, and regen is nice, but the amount is very low. However, Crit Damage only from behind to work with her conditional talent doesn't usually make up for contributing to Elemental Burst or even having higher base stats.
Arc-En-Ciel964963Gain Thunder Attribute

Hitcount +1 second

ATK +20% when attacking from behind

Lightning weak bosses

It's the best bow we'll have for a while/10
A bow that doesn't completely suck but isn't as great as it could be. On sheer value of being an element imbue, it's good, but extending the hitcount a bit is a very invisible power. Can help maintain the combos when in a dodge-heavy boss, but overall isn't as impactful as other factors. 3rd factor is sMiki specific (similar to sMyu's sheath) and will not be consistently useful. The only lightning bow on JP.
Grand Flared Bow859862Explode Damage +30%

Fire Elemental Damage +25%

AP Recovery Speed +30%
5Millioneyes Gacha Box (Misery 2)Ronyx (Skill / Element)

it's got FLARE/10
It's Ronyx's bow. I don't know what you were expecting here. If you're one of the 6 Ronyx mains on GL, this is your BiS. Take it and love it. For everyone else, there's Mastercard. Or something. It's a stat stick, but static AP recovery is actually quite good, so if you're starting on this event, reasonable to use this until you get something else.
Shiny Rupture476475Wave Motion Damage +20%

Damage to Divine +10%

Normal Attacks deals an extra hit worth 5% of damage dealt
5Blood Valkyrie Event Shop (VP Part 1)Silmeria (Skill)

Pls send this bow to 10 other people or your account is cursed / 10

Transmutation Fodder
Actually a terrible weapon. A racial as the main factor, with an abysmally low multiplier, an abysmal and event weapon base stats. Unless you just started the game on this event, there's literally no reason to keep this bow.
Silent Shooter532534ATK +10%

Damage to Humans +25%

Critical Rate +15%
5Gacha (Michael)Against human bosses

i'm silent/10
Better off using an elemental bow, it will be the best bow to use against Michael, but there aren't that many human bosses and it won't have that many uses overall. Not even 15% ATK scaling.
Windburst Bow962961Imbue Wind Element

RCV 3% HP / 5s

+15% Stun
5GachaWind weak bossesWind imbued, regen. Not bad at all, a reasonable MLB factor, and has synergy with running a bow unit with Nier units. Not much to say, although a free option exists, it's definitely nice to have a stronger weapon.

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