Guide: Rushing 101 for Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Ok guys, after my post on healing, I decided I needed to make a post on rushing.

So as everyone has possibly noticed by now, rushing is a very unique art, certain units cause certain team boosts after their rushes are used. Not only this but, depending on who goes first, the damage output can be changed significantly, with each persons turn ranging from 100%; – 150%; – 200%; – 300%; depending on the turn order of the rush.

But here is where the problem lies with itself, a lot of people do not know when to rush, or a proper rushing order. Certain units should just never rush first, and then there are certain units that should never rush last.


A good example is this team layout: Miki – Cliff – Myuria – Victor.

  • Miki: Divine Wave – 4 hits, 30%; Hp recovery every 4 seconds (party/20 seconds) for 2000%; INT modifier – Healer (cleric)
  • Cliff: Steel fists of Fury – 25 hits, 4500%; ATK modifier – Attacker (fighter)
  • Myuria: Ultraviolet Extinction – 2 hits, Int – 80%; (20 seconds) for 3500%; INT modifier – Invoker (mage)
  • Victor: Diabolic Edge – 15 hits, Damage take -50%; (party/ 20 seconds) for 3000%; ATK modifier – Defender (tank)

Now as you can see some units attack more than others hit wise and each one have certain buffs attached to their ability, other than Cliff. But these buffs remain the same no matter who rushes first, the damage output however, is incredibly dependent on who goes first.

As you can see each unit has a specific roll, and with these specific rolls comes specific damage outputs. Cliff has a much higher base ATK stat than Victor even though they both have an ATK modifier on their finishers. Because of this, Cliff will always benefit more from being the third or fourth rusher in a rush combo than Victor ever will. This also goes for Miki, even as numbers are involved you can see that there is never a reason for her to be at the tail end of the rush combo.

Because of this, you can see that the rush combo should be like this:

Miki – Victor – Cliff/Myuria – Myuria/Cliff. This is the best way to get the most out of your rush combo.

Now there are some exceptions to this rule, two that I know of anyways.


Rule #1: Sometimes it takes a healer twice as long to gain their rush, due to this you can actually get in a 3 team rush combo with the other players and actually benefit more due to being able to fill the gauge back up before the Healer gains their first Rush.

Rule #2: If you are about to die, you know you just don’t stand a chance of surviving another blow, then go ahead and rush. No matter if it’s just you rushing and what your rush does, it’ll still be at least 2000%; more damage. That’s 2000%; more damage dealt than before regardless.

Furthermore, watch the rush bar, just check it on occasions, it’s where your health is anyways, and watch your allies. You can normally tell when someone is ready to rush or not because people are very stamp (emote) friendly.

And for those who just auto and look away, I really dislike you.

And last but not least on rushing, I’ve counted up to 3 times out of about 20 raid battles, that sometimes a person boots out of the fight. Normally because of bad service or they closed the app, but when this happen that person becomes the hosts problem. I’ve seen on 2 of these times that the host didn’t even realize and was even sending the negative emotes when the person wouldn’t rush. As the host of the battle you have to be extra careful of your team, because the moment a person boots, their unit is now your responsibility. An incredibly easy indicator of this happening is that their title goes from guest to host.

It also says the person left the match in the middle of the screen so you can’t really miss it, unless of course you are just autoing and looking away, which in this case, I really really dislike you.

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Special credit: jimbo_99980


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