Artifact WOI - Fodder Farming (new permanent Great boost) 10SP vs 30SP vs 60SP

If you are like me, you farmed the 2 summer events to buy 4* artifacts of your favorite characters (in my case, about 150-180 each of Eiko and Squall). I didn’t feel like using 4* artifacts to MLB other 4* artifacts knowing that :

  1. The artifacts WOI was coming back at the beginning of the month.

  2. We were getting permanent 1.2x exp boost.

Since the update, we now have higher fixed enhancements rates (similar to the previous “Great” 1.2x boost). This makes it easier to calculate which stage of the artifact WOI is better for fodder farming.


Let’s start with these variables :

  • Money is not an issue : This method assumes that you have enough money to always be able to upgrade your artifacts (I’m flushed with money as a Day-1 player, something like 3.5 mil. I ran about a couple of runs of the gil cycle quest when we had the 2x cycle boost)

  • You are only looking for fodder : You have the necessary 4* artifacts that you want to MLB. You only need material for the exp.

  • You have time on your hands : As you’ll see with the results, this takes time. At level 200 or more, 20 x 10SP stage will take you 15 to 20 mins on passive play.

Now, here are the stats :

  • 2* Artifact = 600xp
  • 3* Artifact = 960xp
  • 4* Artifact = 1200xp

XP needed to MLB an artifact = 15000xp

1st tier : 10SP stage

Worst Result you can get = 7 x 2* Artifacts —> 7 x 600xp = 4200xp (or 420xp/SP)

Average Results (Debatable) = 5 x 2* Artifacts + 2 x 3* Artifacts —> 5 x 600xp + 2 x 960xp = 4920xp (or 492xp/SP)

2nd tier : 20SP stage

Average Results (Debatable = 4 x 3* Artifacts + 3 x 4* Artifacts —> 4 x 960xp + 3 x 1200xp = 7400xp (or 372xp/SP)

Best Result you can get = 7 x 4* Artifacts —> 7 x 1200xp = 8400xp (or 420xp/SP)

3rd tier : 60SP stage

Only possible result = 7 x 4* Artifacts —> 7 x 1200xp = 8400xp (or 140xp/SP)

As you can see, the worst possible result from the 10SP is equal (in terms of xp per SP) to the best possible result from the 20SP. See this table​

STAGEAverage 2* Arti.Average 3* Arti.Average 4* Arti.XPXP/SP
10SP Worst7004200420
10SP Average5204920492
20SP Average0437440372
20SP Best0078400420



For fodder, run the 10SP stage for better XP per SP.


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