General raid tips

Here are some things I’ve learned over the past week while raiding. I hope many of you are enjoying the experience thus far, and this helps make it better.

  1. You can pinch to zoom in/out during the raid. Zooming out gives you a much better view on what’s happening and where the safe zones and volcanos are immediately in addition to seeing attack indicators better.
  2. Learn how to i-frame. When you use a special attack, you enter a state during the animation where you and your team are invincible. Use this to ‘dodge’ the large attacks of the boss with your whole team. Try to match his yellow zone attacks one to one with your own. Dragon shifting and dragon specials count as I-frames as well. You cannot iframe purple damage zones.
  3. Try and stay towards his rear for the sake of your AI team. They don’t know enough not stand in front where they can get clawed and swept by his legs. Running in back of him will cause your team to follow you to safety (sometimes…) Ranged AI are most likely to have bad positioning, and this can help.
  4. Killing the legs gives more loot and stuns the boss for a few seconds, take them out! (Mostly for the loot!)
  5. If you have a healer and get a pause in the action from a break or destruction, switch to them and use their heals to help out. On this note, the AI doesn’t know how to heal, you need to toggle to your healer to actually heal. (I know… I know.)
  6. Kill at least 2 volcanos, and remember that if you move far enough your team will follow you to safety.
  7. You can dodge his knock up attack with a special i-frame. While not overly important, it does give you more dps time.
  8. Yes, kill the tail… We all know by now. (RIGHT?!?)

Special Raid

  1. The trickiest part of the fight is the first minute, try to remember the sequence of his attacks. It’s always the same.
  2. His initial charge you won’t have a special ready for, but its area of effect is overstated. You can run into a good portion of it to advance your positioning to better align your AI and dps the tail. If you have ranged AI, you need to get them moving ASAP because they don’t know how to avoid fireballs or claw attacks.
  3. He’ll do 4 specials in a row relatively fast after the volcanos pop. Use your dragon shift and dragon special in response to iframe each attack.
  4. Killing the legs are great for loot in the special raid, don’t ignore them. The stun helps greatly during the special as well and if you can break one of his charges that repositions him, all the better.

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