Guide: Expert Raid Boss

Minimum requirement

  • Adventurer Level: 40
  • Weapon:
    • (Main Unit) Rank 3 Tier 1 (Should match element) or Tier 2 Max Unbound
    • (Sub Members) Rank 3 Tier 2 or Rank 4 Tier 1
  • Mana Circles:
    • (Main Unit) 20-30 nodes
    • (Sub Members) 20 nodes
  • Wyrmprint: Bring “Paladyn Defender” (Especially on Main Unit)

Things to note

It’s okay to bring other elements but please avoid Wind at all cost (Looking at you Hawk’s and Maribelle’s and don’t you even try to hide them as sub members) and Main Unit should be at least Water if it’s not a Healer (Hilde). And also, you don’t have to worry about Might when doing Expert runs. So please match your dragons with their corresponding elements. You don’t even have to increase the bonds of your sub members’s dragons as they just increase Might. You just have to level them up by 10 for the increased stats and focus on your Main Unit’s equipment as that will be the main DPS of the whole team.

Boss Battle Guide

At the start of battle, destroy the tail immediately. After destroying the tail, hit the legs (you can alternate either one to whichever is close to you) but do make sure you are by the body (between front and hind legs) to avoid your range characters (sub members) from eating a fire laser from the front. Always save a skill (preferably from your weapon), to use as a save from the boss’ yellow AoE’s as they can also save the sub members. Not only would this save you but also let your sub members avoid harm. Be careful of the meteors as they spawn lava pools that will last for a while. If the breakable parts are in those pools, just attack the body to keep up with the dps. Don’t forget to activate your skills once they’re up. Once the volcanoes start appearing, destroy the closest one and choose next among the three immediately. You can safely destroy just 2 volcanoes for a safe area. You just have to lure the boss away from the other volcanoes.

Things to note

  • Don’t shapeshift when you don’t have a skill ready. It’s very dangerous once the transformation runs out.
  • You (melee) can roll (swipe) towards the desire part (legs or tail) to reset the target lock. Roll sideways to reset target locking for ranged.
  • Stats > Might

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