Quick & Dirty Shaula (Chamber of Arms) fight tips


  • Clear: Gaia Bell ( 1H Instrument): +35 ATK, +46 MAG, +104 SPR, Earth Element, +30% Earth Resists & Paralyze Chance

  • Evoke Tetra Sylpheed: Rare Summon Ticket x2

  • 5 or More Limit Bursts: 10% Trust Moogle

  • Defeat Shaula within 30 Turns: Twin Repellent (Materia): +25% Phys/Mag Insects Killer, +30% ATK Sword mastery, +30% MAG Rod mastery

General Info

  • Race: Bug, Spirit (Fairy)

  • Immune to non-elemental damagePhase 1 -100% weak to Wind, Phase 2 this changes to Fire weakness

  • Weak to ATK/MAG breaks, Arms weak to All Breaks

  • Bring a Magic Cover Tank (Non-elemental magic damage so high HP/SPR), and a Physical Cover & Provoke tank ( with Draw preferably)

  • Bring Break Resist/Cleanse and Status Immune Buffs or at least gear for Poison/Paralyze/Petrify/Charm resist

  • Bring MP battery

  • Bring AOE Dispel

  • The fight itself is fairly simple and comes in 2 phases

Phase 1

  • Does two Preemptive attacks, a ST Physical and ST Magical, so Draw tank helps

  • Turn 2 after this, AOE Magic attack & Paralyze so ATK/MAG break, Magic Cover and Physical Provoke. This happens every 3 turns after so keep track

  • Turn 3 after this, AOE Physical attack & Poison so swap out Magic Cover tank and Cover with Physical Tank. This happens every 4 turns after so keep track

  • And that’s it for Phase 1, keep breaks up, manage the AOE turns, burn it down to 49%

Phase 2

  • Summons it’s two arms, they all get buffs (dispel), and the Wind weakness changes to Fire

  • Stops using Paralyze/Poison/Petrify, starts using ST Charm

  • ATK/MAG break all 3, Break DEF/SPR for arms after taking down Shaula

  • Other than that, attacks hit harder and the arms bring some ST attacks of their own so watch out for your Provoke Tank (some ST is Magic). Focus Shaula first then clean up the arms and Don’t forget to summon Tetra Sylpheed


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