Event Guides: Planet of the Deep Blue Sea [PREDATE QUEEN]

Foreword: Most of this data is collected from the observation of the Star Ocean: Anamnesis JP version’s attacks and patterns. Certain name translations and data details credit to Quan and Len of the JP discord. This guide may be updated as further observations or corrections of the EN version are given. Questions? Observations? Feel free to reply and contribute!


Update 8/9/18: Added some general indicators to how often status may proc on the boss. I’m not sure how JP confirmed paralysis as I don’t know units that inflict it, so that will have to be unknown for now.

Update 8/7/18: Added EN version names. Still working on them. What a translation on the names O_o. Updated race because that’s also a different translation in EN. Added Ridicule, which I didn’t even realize was an attack. Updated attack properties.

Update 8/6/18: Added information about the Queen’s docile phase at the beginning of the fight.


Planet of the Deep Blue Sea [PREDATE QUEEN] – Star Ocean: Anamnesis


  • Race: Monster
  • Weak To: Lightning
  • Resists: Ice (25%)
  • Vulnerable To: Poison (Low Proc), Curse (Low Proc), Paralysis
  • Inflicts: Frozen
  • Recommend Units With: Anti-Flinch, Lightning Damage, Status Null, Slow Field Null
  • Enrage: 7 Minutes



  • Maul: (Close) Performs an overhead smash on the target with her wand.
  • Frosty Fire: (Any) [Symbol] Flies to the opposite end of the stage as her target. She then waves her wand and Ice Needles will fire across the stage in a U-shaped pattern. Inflicts Frozen.
  • Icy Enclosure: (Any) [Symbol] Performs an overhead smash with her wand and causes a Deep Freeze to spawn underneath her target. It flinches you and then explodes for large damage. Inflicts Frozen.
  • Boreal Burst: (Any) Fires three blue balls that home in on the target. Inflicts Frozen.
  • Rush: (Any) Assumes a horizontal pose, then launches herself across the stage like an arrow. Very fast.
  • Searing Blast: (Any) [Symbol] Raises her wand high and generates a fire burst that launches three fireballs at her target.
  • Ice Patch: (Any) [Symbol] Spawns grey fields all over the stage that slow movement and nullify AP gain. Find a spot between them to regenerate AP.
  • Ridicule: (Any) Laughs at you for your gacha-related failures.
  • Ice Road: (Any) [Symbol] Performs an overhead smash with her wand and spawns Deep Freezes in a spread formation. Inflicts Frozen. Unique to Misery 2 and up.
  • Scramble Party: (Any) Rare attack. Shoots fireballs that fall onto the ground and then snake across the stage. There will be visible lines on the ground showing the fireballs’ path. Multiple waves of fireballs. Very fast. If she is interrupted by stun, the attack will continue. Unique to Misery 2 and up.

*** Certain attack names and properties may be updated as more observations are made.



The Eternal Queen has a lot of symbols that cast fast and hit multiple times. There’s rarely a time where anti-flinch isn’t a godsend, but just saying… here, it’s a godsend.

Summer Myuria is practically made for this fight due to her INT damage reduction, though it unfortunately conflicts with Reimi‘s better talent. That makes Viktor a suitable defensive alternative due to better synergy and high rush gain (alongside his powerful rush buff). It’s worth noting that Reimi can also rush to nullify Frozen, which the Queen inflicts with most of her attacks.

Roddick and Myuria are also helpful since stunning mitigates everything and she doesn’t move around too much. Other strong choices for this fight include Fidel (attack buffs), Maria/Summer Miki (dps, ease of kiting), Nel/Claire (easy access to lightning weapons), and in two weeks Summer Sophia* due to her Slow Field Nullification talent.


The Queen begins the fight mostly docile, opting to use only Boreal Blast, Ridicule or Ice Patch until one of two conditions are met: she reaches the 80-90% HP threshold or enough time passes. This docile stage is your best shot at killing the adds in peace, so do that because they’ll use Ice Needles and Rush and generally make a headache of themselves. They can also be flinched, which means that Myuria’s Plasma Cyclone can keep them under control. Just be mindful, because the incidental damage can push the Queen past her docile threshold.

Since the Frosty Enclosure variants are thwarted by anti-flinch, her most dangerous attacks will be Frosty Fire, Boreal Burst and Searing Blast. Of them, only one comes out slowly and has an obvious tell (Searing Blast). The rest will come out fast and travel fast across the stage. All will deal high damage. Be observant of the boss’s animations and attack names, and you’ll know when to dodge.

In Misery 2, she will use Scramble Party and Ice Road. Scramble Party is a rare attack and will have a tell in the form of lines along the ground. Stay between the lines and take advantage of her being idle. Beware, for when her HP is low she will start following up Frosty Fire with Scramble Party. Ice Road is more a problem for range than melee since the closest Deep Freeze spawns at Mid range.

As she uses most attacks at any range, there is no safe place to have aggro. Be mindful of your allies and don’t move fireballs into them or something while dodging. While the Ice Sheet is annoying, it doesn’t last long enough–nor is it cast often enough–to be a major issue.

Her enrage is just the usual AI but it does a ridiculous amount of damage.

* Summer Sophia was released during Part 2 of Everlasting Summer in JP, which followed this event directly. As we aren’t following JP’s schedule, anything is possible, including skipping her release entirely.

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Special credit: CarbunkleFlux


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